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Welcome to Lavinia

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Welcome to Lavinia oh hi 😉 Welcome to Lavinia – a place where you can feel empowered to share your stories and experiences about life, love, and the exploration of yourself. Some things still haven’t made it off the “shh” list. But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t. We think it’s time to tear up that […]

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Our Mission

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Our Mission oh hi, We are so excited to meet you. I know we have already introduced ourselves, but you might still be thinking, what EXACTLY is Lavinia, and what is the goal here? Well, it is our mission to open up the communication around positive sexual experiences through products that enhance sexual pleasure and […]

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…This is it?

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…This is it? I grew up in an INCREDIBLY religious household. Sex was something that we saved for marriage- and definitely not something that we openly talked about. I wasn’t really given answers to the questions I had about sex because I knew not to even ask. Birth control? Not an option. Masturbation? Literally not […]

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I love you

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I love you “I love you.” Those are three very small but powerful words to say as a sixteen year old girl. Looking back I remember thinking to myself that it wasn’t true. Both the act of saying and hearing the words felt fake. As if they were forced. Being honest with myself, they were […]

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Unfulfilled The first time I had sex was awful. Definitely not the most pleasurable experience- not unlike most first times I’m sure. We were two awkward 17-year-olds. On a couch. In a basement. Trying to figure out what goes where and how. The thing was, I wasn’t all that into the guy- I was mostly […]

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My First Time

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My First Time When I was 16 years old I had sex for the first time. It was with someone I had met only 3 months prior, and my decision to have sex was more an act of rebellion than anything else. I knew I wasn’t totally ready for sexual intimacy, yet I wanted to […]

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