Lavinia is a community where people are safe to explore their pleasure and openly discuss topics surrounding sex. Where we can learn and share experiences. Because we believe everyone has the ability to live life to the climax.

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To open the communication around positive sexual experiences through
products that enhance sexual pleasure and orgasms.

Sexuality can make us feel empowered and amazing. But it’s not always easy to tune into that feeling and get what we want from our bodies. That’s why we’re opening up the conversation around sex and orgasms, encouraging everyone to demand more from their intimate lives. We invite every person to explore their unique, innate sexual nature and experience the transformative power of pleasure.

Ask the Expert

Hi, I’m Katie

Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to found a community like Lavinia.

The original plan in life was kind of the opposite. I believed that I was called to a life of study and reflection, to be a nun, of all things… until, like you do, I met a “Francois” during a study abroad. Not surprisingly, he had a dim view upon lifelong vows of celibacy.

In stepping away from nunhood and into a life where sexuality was expected, my complete and utter lack of experience felt like an impossible weight around my neck. I felt like everyone started a race and there was no way for me to catch up. I found myself scared to ask, scared to explore, and doubting my sexual worth. No one gives you the rulebook or the tools to feel empowered, let alone pleasured.

So, like the true nerd I am, I did what I do in every situation where I feel out of my depth: I studied. From all this research, I realized that the product I really wanted to exist… didn’t. Cannabis dilates blood vessels when correctly applied during sex (which increases blood flow) — this makes achieving an orgasm easier, makes multiple orgasms more accessible, and makes orgasms more intense. So I home-made that product myself, first for just me, and then for my friends who started asking for it, and then friends of friends, and then friends of friends of friends…

This, to me, is the calling of Lavinia. To create products that equip men and women alike with the ability to access pleasure and to foster a community based on education and mutual support to be confident in their bodies.