Mary Magazine Introducing Cannabis Sexual Wellness Brand Lavinia

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January 22, 2023

Introducing Cannabis Sexual Wellness Brand, LAVINIA

Lavinia is a sexual wellness cannabis brand that combines the power of THC and CBD into a lubricant that enhances a users pleasure during sex. The brand was founded in 2021 by Katie Enright, a former celibate studying to be a nun. In a quest to help herself and others obtain easy, powerful, multiple orgasms, Enright began by studying cannabis and sex and created her first product for herself, then for friends, then friends of friends. After an earth-shattering orgasm, Lavinia’s first product, oh.hi, was born. Since then, Lavinia has been on a mission to open the conversation around sex and cannabis and to create a community that fosters education, empowerment and of course, pleasure. 

Whether it is for self-pleasure or to enhance your sexual experience with others, Lavinia is here to help people live life to the climax and come again…and again…and again! Their first product, oh.hi, is available in select dispensaries in California.

oh.hi is sure to make you “oh” in the best way possible! Created for everyday use, this silicone lubricant takes your pleasure to the next level and keeps you there. Lavinia believes that a positive sexual experience is available for everyone and that oh.hi will get you there quicker than ever. Each unit is 15 ml. 

Lavinia’s lubricant is infused with THC and CBD to increase blood flow for a heightened sensation when applied vaginally or anally. oh.hi is latex friendly, glycerin-free, glycol-free, paraben-free, hypoallergenic, unscented, unflavored, and 100% vegan. oh.hi requires 15 to 30 minutes to take full effect, but there will be more effortlessly intense orgasms than thought possible. Everyone is able to access the power of pleasure, and that’s worth waiting 30 minutes for!

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