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By Amy Reiley


When searching for new products to try, we’re always looking for items that have the potential to enhance our readers’ sex lives. Although some of the articles our nutrition director Delahna Flagg and I have written for this site have delved into the topic of foods that promote vaginal health, we’ve never explored the world of lubricants for women…until now.

When Lavinia originally approached me about reviewing their oh.hi lube, I pushed the idea away. Normally, I stick to food or food-related product reviews. But I’ve never been one to shy away from the topic of women’s sexual health and a happy and healthy vagina is really a key to a woman’s well-being and pleasure. (Check out our info on how pineapple can help ladies stay healthy down there.) So I took a roll in the hay with some topical THC in the name of helping my readers experience their best sexual selves.

If you’re anything like me, your first question is probably what’s a cannabis sexual lubricant and is it going to make my vagina high? (That doesn’t actually sound half bad when I see it written down.) The short answer is no. But what oh.hi does is help increase blood flow to a woman’s nether regions by using a combination of THC and CBD in a very specific formulation.
Please note that you should review the legality of marijuana where you live before purchasing a cannabis lubricant. 

The purpose of a lube containing THC is to combine traditional lubrication with the medicinal effects of marijuana to heighten a woman’s pleasure during sex acts. The purpose of the CBD added to this marijuana lubricant is to decrease possible pain or inflammation.

bottle shot of Lavinia oh.hi cannabis lubricant


It is applied like any other vaginal lubricant but instead of just increasing lubrication, this product is supposed to increase sensitivity and heighten sexual experiences. As I mentioned earlier, the addition of CBD to the lubricant’s formulation is intended to diminish any pain or sensitivity a woman may experience during sex.

The product was inspired by data indicating that marijuana can increase a woman’s sexual experience, including this 2019 study on the relationship between marijuana use and women’s sexual function. The intention of this THC-infused lubricant is to allow women to enjoy the effects of marijuana on sexual function without getting high. (That being said, according to oh.hi’s maker Lavinia, it is possible to absorb enough THC through topical application to potentially feel some of the marijuana’s psychoactive effects.)

All the user needs to do to enjoy oh.hi is apply one to three pumps of the lubricant approximately 15-30 minutes before a sexual encounter. It is recommended that each user experiment with the proper dose for their sexual pleasure and overall sensitivity level to the cannabis. (Note that the lubricant should be washed off with soap and water after use.)

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