Lavinia and Using Cannabis for Sexual Wellness

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An Interview With Taylor Hart

Katie Enright Discusses Lavinia and Using Cannabis for Sexual Wellness | Higher Women Podcast

On this episode of the Higher Women podcast, we’re discussing cannabis and sexual wellness. Founded by Katie Enright, Lavinia is committed to fostering a safe environment for people to explore their pleasure and openly discuss topics surrounding sex.

Lavinia is a Los Angeles based cannabis-powered sexual wellness brand founded to enhance sexual pleasure with cannabis and create a welcoming community for people to talk about their sexual experiences. Their lubricant, oh.hi, was designed to increase blood flow in the applied areas – clitoris, g-spot, anally, etc. – to create more intense orgasms and help you reach that peak again and again.

Lavinia’s silicone-based cannabis lubricant, oh.hi, will be exclusively sold in California dispensaries and through Good Tree Delivery. Check out their “Where to Buy” page here or call your local dispensary to check stock availability.


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