Cannabis Talk 101 – Going Deep with the Founder/CEO of Lavinia, Katie Enright!

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Cannabis Talk 101 – Going Deep with Founder/CEO of Lavinia, Katie Enright!

Lavinia’s products equip men and women alike with the ability to access pleasure and to foster a community based on education and mutual support to be confident in their bodies. Lavinia’s sole Mission is to open the communication around positive sexual experiences through oh.hi, a silicone-based cannabis lubricant that enhances sexual pleasure and orgasms for all! It’s as easy as 1-2-3 folks! Just Simply apply to the areas where you typically orgasm such as the clitoris, g-spot, anally, etc., then wait until the ingredients begin to react with your body, and enjoy. Please Don’t forget to wash with soap and water after use folks, for the greater good of both You & I . oh.hi is made to expand your natural lubrication and provide a long-lasting smooth experience.

Lavinia’s Product contains THC and CBD, and is available in 15mL bottles and 2mL single-use packets.


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