Queer Forty Lists Lavinia for Pride 2023

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By: Queer Forty Staff

Sweet, sexy, celebratory women-made Pride gifts

It’s Pride season, and every company out there is pledging their rainbow allegiance so you will open your wallet! But we have some products made proudly by and for queer women, perfect for your Pride vibe.

Get your sexy on this Pride with this plant-powered, woman-created pleasure potion: Lavinia‘s cannabis powered lubricant oh.hi. By harnessing the power of THC/CBD, oh.hi can bring double the orgasms compared to standard water-based lube. Most of us don’t know what the chemicals are in commercial lubricants and this can be problematic for women-identified people, vegans, and environmentally-minded folks. oh.hi stands out as a product of choice because it uses the cannabis plant as the active ingredient — a vasodilator, meaning that it increases the blood flow wherever it is applied on the body. For repeated and powerful orgasms use 1-4 pumps, apply to the desired region of the body, wait 15-30 minutes for oh.hi to take maximum effect, enjoy, and rinse afterwards with soap and water.

Plus, the carrier lubricant is silicone, vegan, and condom compatible lube. No matter how you identify, this is a safe and sustainable choice for you and your partner. And best of all, Lavinia is a woman-powered company that is more than a product: It’s the brainchild of Katie Enright, who intends Lavinia products to foster a community committed to sexual empowerment, education, and wellness.

Due to federal laws surrounding cannabis, Lavinia products are only available for purchase in California. Follow on Instagram to stay up to date on the latest news because this may change. And if you’re visiting California, now you have the perfect souvenir! Because Lavinia’s oh.hi, is exclusively sold in dispensaries across California and is is demand, it’s a good idea to contact your dispensary before going in to ensure stock availability of oh.hi.


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