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Sex and Cannabis, Parts 1, 2, and 3

Part 1 (episode 189) Sharing Weed’s Best Kept Secret

Can cannabis be your sexy arsenal’s ultimate secret weapon? Spoiler alert: it sure can, and in this three-part ‘Sex and Cannabis’ series, we’re not leaving anything off the table. To kick us off, Ellen is joined by cannabis experts to explore how weed affects women’s sexual pleasure (basically, cannabis makes sex feel REALLY good). From fighting taboos to finding the right products to enhance intimacy—hello, weed lube!—this episode covers how weed can help your sex life sizzle. Stay tuned for part 2 and 3, where we’ll dive into dosing, cannabis date night ideas, and how weed can alleviate painful sex. Consider this a PSA friends, we hope you’ll keep the conversation going in your group chats!

Part 2 (episode 190) Sex Drive, Parenting and Intimacy With Weed 

Welcome back to our ‘Sex and Cannabis’ series! In today’s episode, we dive into the world of relationships and weed. We spill secrets about how cannabis is increasing sex drive for women of all ages, offer practical communication tips if your partner doesn’t consume, and get real about sex and parenting. If you’re in need of some inspiration, our expert guests also share a few playful and sexy approaches to infusing cannabis into your date nights. Tune in to hear all about elevating partner play with cannabis!

Part 3 (episode 191) Is Weed a Tool for Healing Sexual Trauma?

Welcome to the *climax* of our ‘Sex and Cannabis’ series. On today’s show we hear from Ashley Manta, a renowned sex and relationship coach who shares how cannabis became a catalyst for healing trauma and PTSD. She also shares how weed can alleviate discomfort during sex and empower women to reclaim their pleasure. Join us on this final episode as we explore the synergy between cannabis, intimacy, healing, and sexual liberation. If you enjoyed this series, we hope you’ll share it with a friend!


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