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By Stevie Wilson

Turn Up the Heat in Your Sex Life with the LAVINIA “oh.hi”!!

Want to Turn Up the Heat in Your Sex Life? 

Try oh.hi, from Lavinia! 

It’s not often that I hit this topic. Usually, I let people who have a lot of
information and/or experience in this topic of Cannabis.   I have featured
articles from several people who have a  lot of information on the use of Cannabis. Most contributors talk about new products for them to use Cannabis and various tools or toys.

I recently found a topic that caught my attention: the use of Cannabis
in sex.. and honestly, I was surprised that there were ways of using
about Cannabis in sex, and I was interested in learning more about the
how THC and CBD can be used in having sex. Lavinia is the name of this
Cannabis brand, and there is much to learn … and try.

 I had been offered to try this Lavinia’s oh.hi, but I was hesitant. I wasn’t
exactly how the product would work. I talked to my partner, who thought
it would be a fun personal test. I talked to the person who explained how
it worked and that I shouldn’t worry about playing with the oh.hi product
because it really does work!

My friend who had pitched me the oh.hi product sent me a couple of
foil packets. The oh.hi is really a different feeling when you open up the
packet and feel the silky texture. The oh.hi itself doesn’t require a lot of
the product. ( You can work yourself up to how much you want to use).

The first time we tried the product, the texture felt very different than just
rubbing it between fingers.  The product took a while (about 15-30 minutes)
to activate, but once we got used to oh.hi,  your body reacts a bit faster,
and your mind will welcome the effects of the CBD  on the various body
parts where you have applied the gel cream.  For us, the response was
extremely (& surprisingly) enjoyable, and the more we tried using oh.hi, 
the better the results; the faster responses, and amazing orgasms. My
partner found that he also had some faster — and more enjoyable
responses to oh.hi once you use it a few times.  And we LOVE it!
Our body responses are amazing!

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