Fat Nugs Magazine Reviews oh.hi

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by Lindsey Gunter

THC Does It Better: A Review of Lavinia’s ‘oh.hi’ Cannalube

When I first heard about Lavinia’s oh.hi, the silicone-based lubricant created and developed by a woman who almost became a nun – I was intrigued. As cliche as that sounds, I got excited about Katie Enright’s story. How romantic and serendipitous to get swept out of celibacy by a memorable encounter that leads you to creating a company around a product you developed to help yourself where you the market could not. What a lifestyle change! Want to try it yourself?

In the classic cannabis way, oh.hi was born of a “sharing is caring” (more like “I’ll Have What She’s Having”) beginning, where Katie started formulating for friends before taking the hint and making the plunge to found Lavinia, where she has partnered with Dr. Kristina Collins to better understand the sexual experience from a medical perspective. Beyond all this, I lowkey wanted to try something that was essentially created by someone previously celibate. The fruit of their journey re-discovering their identity sexually while simultaneously creating something to help others by harnessing endocannabinoid receptors? Um, YES PLEASE.

Why do I have the right to even review this?

I have some experience with cannabis lubricants…

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