Celebrate International Women’s Day with Weed for Women by Women

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By Alexa Oliphant

Celebrate International Women’s Day with Weed for Women by Women

Women use cannabis. There’s a fun fact for you. And here’s another, we ladies are actually one of the fastest growing demographics for consumers. If you’ve been to a dispensary as of late though, you may find that hard to believe. Shelves seem dominated by stoner bro brands, bongs seem practically hardwired to be ugly, and what about all the long touted wellness benefits from the plant? Where are those products? There’s nothing wrong with embracing the deep end of the dank, but for the love of Jane Fonda, can a girl catch a break? Thankfully, these days, there are truly some great options for a female identifying consumer. You just need to know where to look! And with this being Women’s History Month, we’re talking about a helluva lot more than a mere chocolate bar. Here are the best cannabis brands founded by women, with delightful goodies in mind for the lady cannabis lover. 


If there was a gateway product for me to love cannabis, it would be Lavinia’s oh.hi. This powerful, wee silicone based lube can literally double the orgasms when compared to standard water based lube. How? Cannabis, that’s how! The plant increases blood flow, which when applied correctly, is pure magic. Founded by Katie Enright, a woman who went from studying to be a nun to helping people cum, oh.hi is perfect for solo play, spicing up monogamy, or for an adventurous new tryst. Go ahead, bring the stoner vibes into your bedroom already. 

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