The Ins & Outs of Anal

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By Stephanie Anderson

The Ins & Outs of Anal

A Conversation With Katie Enright

Growing up, I knew two things to be completely off-limits to me – sex and drugs. Perhaps not coincidentally, those forbidden fruits were what I was most curious about and had the least access to information. 

As a horny tween, I was much more interested in sex than drugs. Unfortunately, most of what I learned about sex came from outdated and uninformative videos in health class, watching porn, and Cosmo articles. My sexual awakening did not line up with comprehensive sexual education. Something many of us can relate to, and certainly, Katie Enright can. 

Katie is founder of Lavinia, a California-based company dedicated to enhancing sexual pleasure through education and cannabis. Lavinia offers cannabis-based products to enhance sex, but it’s more than that. As Lavinia’s website states, it’s also “a community where people are safe to explore their pleasure and openly discuss topics surrounding sex.”

Lavinia is about to launch…


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