Lavinia Puts The “oh” In Orgasm With The Launch of New Cannabis Lubricant, oh.hi

Sexual wellness brand, Lavinia, is giving you the power in pleasure and encouraging you to live life to the climax with the brand’s all new silicone-based cannabis lubricant

LOS ANGELES, October 2021 — Lavinia, the Los Angeles based sexual wellness brand focused on increasing the accessibility of pleasure and embracing communication around positive sexual experiences, recently announced the launch of its first product line – oh.hi.

Expertly curated with the orgasmic mix of THC and CBD, oh.hi is a silicone-based cannabis lubricant created to help you get more from your sex life. oh.hi is made to expand your natural lubrication and provide a long-lasting smooth experience resulting in a more intense, longer-lasting sexual experience. Multiple times.

“We are trying to normalize two historically taboo industries — Cannabis and Sex,” said Katie Enright, Founder and CEO of Lavinia. “Orgasms are not always easy for everyone to talk about or for everyone to experience. With the launch of oh.hi and the community behind Lavinia, it is our mission to open the conversation around this and show how cannabis can help make sexual pleasure more accessible and more acceptable for everyone.”

Enright’s journey to creating the Lavinia community was not a typical one. Her original plan was to become a nun, pursuing a life of study and reflection. In stepping away from nunhood and into a life where sexuality was expected, Enright turned her lack of experience into a search for sexual exploration and empowerment. She discovered the effect that cannabis has on enhancing orgasms, and when she wasn’t able to find a product designed specifically for that, she created Lavinia and its first product – oh.hi.

With oh.hi, the proof is in the orgasms. Lavinia partnered with Dr. Kristina Collins to better understand the sexual experience from a medical perspective and formulate oh.hi into a medically-backed and orgasm-tested product dedicated to empowering pleasure. The THC/CBD combination in oh.hi works by acting on cannabinoid receptors located in the vulva, vagina, or anus to increase blood flow, dilate blood vessels and release oxytocin, all of which you have to thank for your many orgasms to come. The THC/CBD combination has also been shown to increase sexual drive, improve sexual pleasure, increase the number and quality of orgasms, improve the length of time for sexual encounters, increase sensitivity to pleasurable stimulation, and decrease anxiety or discomfort during sex.

oh.hi is Lavinia’s first step toward normalizing that pleasure is empowerment. Lavinia will continue to encourage exploration and conversation around pleasure in an effort to take sex and cannabis off the “shhh” list.

The 100% vegan, latex friendly, glycerin-free, glycol-free, paraben-free, hypoallergenic, unscented, unflavored cannabis lubricant is available exclusively in California dispensaries and on Eaze. For more information about oh.hi and other upcoming products from Lavinia, visit –

About Lavinia

At Lavinia, we believe that pleasure is empowerment. We are a community where people are safe to explore their pleasure and openly discuss topics surrounding sex. Lavinia offers scientifically-backed, sexual wellness products that combine cannabis to help you achieve your peak sexual experience. And then help you achieve it again. And again. And again. We invite every person to explore their unique, innate sexual nature and experience the transformative power of pleasure. Because we believe everyone has the ability to live life to the climax. For more information about Lavinia, visit –

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